Leadership Team

CPG’s Leadership Team has educational qualifications and business experience to organize, lead, and direct a best-in-class, woman-owned small business. This team has been working together for more than a decade. Their combined experience has created a company with the talent and vision to identify problems and propose solutions that apply an in-depth understanding of the military education and training processes, and an ability to analyze contemporary problems using systematic, scientific methods and analytical tools.

William A. Ross

Founder & CEO

William A. Ross is recognized for nearly 30 years’ experience in the design, development and assessment of military decision-making training. Bill’s research interests include investigations into the nature and acquisition of cognitive skills and mental models for tactical decision makers and the application of experiential learning cases to support the development and assessment of cognitive performance. His research experiences are backed up by more than 20 years of military experience at both the tactical and operational levels. Bill Ross has extensive experience understanding and solving individual and collective training problems with virtual and live simulations. He applies blended research methods to baseline, assess, and sharpen human performance. He is currently contributing to the US 8th Army by preparing training scenarios for improving resilience skills responding to chemical threats and conducting subterranean operations. As a Principal Investigator, Bill pioneered research methods that produced verifiable descriptive models of expertise used by highly specialized operational planners. The results pave the way for organizational designs, training, and assessment strategies within the Joint Force. The project provided the empirical basis for re-engineering and assessing professional military education for the Joint Services. Mr. Ross was CPG’s Principal Scientist for two award-winning applied research projects, which produce expert models for combat profilers and rapid prototyping of cognitively authentic training scenarios.

Jennifer K. Phillips

Founder, COO & Senior Scientist

Jennifer Phillips brings more than 20 years of experience conducting research and developing applications in the area of human cognition and naturalistic decision making. Her research interests include skill acquisition, cognitive performance improvement, and the nature of expertise. She has applied her research to the development of several decision-centered training interventions and assessment tools. She has extensive experience conducting cognitive task analysis to model expertise and generating training requirements and learning objectives. Ms. Phillips has developed decision making training scenarios at all echelons of military command and using a range of media, including computer-based simulations. She has studied the role of instructors as facilitators of the learning process and has developed instructor guides and train-the-trainer workshops to ensure a focus on the cognitive elements of decision making. In addition, she has developed assessment measures and conducted evaluation studies to determine the effectiveness of training interventions for improving cognitive skills. Ms. Phillips holds an MBA in Executive Management. She regularly presents at conferences and authors technical reports and project presentations.

Karol G. Ross

Founder, Chief Scientist

Dr. Karol Ross holds experience spanning 30 years of military research in the areas of expertise; specifically, tactical thinking, training cognitive skills, and assessment. Dr. Ross has participated in, and further led research efforts with respect to areas of skilled performance and expertise, as well as developing and documenting naturalistic models, methods, and metrics. Prior to joining CPG, she worked for the USMC in support of research and development programs for counter-improvised explosive device (C-IED) cognitive training. She also worked with the U.S. Army Field Artillery School in the development of a Personal Computer (PC)-based simulation for training adaptive thinking skills, and the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command in its Army Experiment series. Dr. Ross has conducted work in cross-cultural competency modeling and assessment in separate projects for the U.S. Army Research Institute and the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute. She has conducted research to develop assessment tools for cognitive skills related to counter-IED performance, and she has supported the development of a training product for performance in Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational operating environments. Dr. Ross earned a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology from the University of Tennessee. She regularly presents at conferences and authors technical reports and project presentations.