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Squad Overmatch Tactical
Combat Casualty Care

Main Project Capabilities & Focus Areas


Small unit leaders experience increasing difficulty in creating authentic, realistic casualty care training events due to the time and effort needed to replicate the stress of the modern battlefield. In addition, medical staffs are trained separately from squads, which can result in a lack of combat casualty care knowledge for team members. This program seeks to reduce the number of casualties that occur due to lack of timely combat casualty care.


Squad Overmatch TC3 decreases combat casualties by using existing training technologies to expose Soldiers to realistic training scenarios and combat stressors. An integrated curriculum combining Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TC3), Resilience and Performance Enhancement (RPE), Advanced Situational Awareness (ASA), Team Dimensional Training (TDT), and Integrated After Action Review (IAAR) is taught over a three-day course where squads train with an embedded Medic or Corpsman.


This effort is being conducted in collaboration with PEO-STRI; ARL HRED STTC; and the MITRE Corporation.


The Squad Overmatch research team is experimenting with virtual and immersive training technologies to simulate cognitively authentic battlefield situations where combat stressors and resilience play a large part in accomplishing timely casualty combat care. The final curriculum will integrate the aforementioned dimensions to help reduce the rate of fatal casualties in combat by expert knowledge transfer to existing Marine and Army squads, as well as provide the benefit of training with a medical team member. CPG is contributing both knowledge transfer expertise and assessment tools designed to propel the design of the TC3 instruction to meet its highest potential.

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