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Squad Overmatch Enhanced
Resiliency Training Study

Main Project Capabilities & Focus Areas


The Squad Overmatch Enhanced Resiliency Training (SOvM ERT) study is a continuation of efforts sponsored by JPC-1. Its purpose of the research is to demonstrate, identify, and assess immersive training methods and technology capabilities to create realistic stress experiences. These efforts have continuously focused on recognizing and treating Acute Stress Reactions (ASR), preventing and/or mediating Post Traumatic Stress (PTS), as well as improving unit readiness.


Virtual gaming and immersive training environments will leverage several current curricula including MAGEN training, and the Six Cs to develop and evaluate a team resiliency curriculum (herein referred to as iCOVER) that teaches principles of psychological aid (including how to recognize and treat ASRs), using high fidelity and realistic live-training environments. The training solutions produce an easily implementable approach for preparing high-performing teams for stressful combat situations.


The ERT study is a collaborative research effort sponsored by JPC-1. The participants include PEO-STRI, NAWCTSD, WRAIR, ARL, and MITRE Corporation.


CPG has created, verified, validated, and delivered scenarios that support Enhanced Resilience Training. These scenarios were implemented using advanced simulation technology, and teach both individual (RPE skills) and team (principles of psychological aid) resiliency skills.

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