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Innovative Instruction

Main Project Capabilities & Focus Areas


Marines who are assigned to instruct in the formal schools are experts in their domains but have limited teaching experience. Research shows participation in advanced developmental workshops separates the effective from ineffective instructors (Ross, Rosopa, & Phillips, 2017). The Marine Corps required a workshop that supports this finding from MInD, as well as the conduct of inculcating SUDM competencies and relational skills.


CPG designed the Innovative Instruction Workshop to support the customer’s desire to bring about a culture change in their training and education units, and schoolhouses. Along the way, workshop participants learn how to integrate the principles of adult learning in their practice, realize a learner-centered mindset in the classroom, and implement practical techniques for the development of decision-making, adaptability, and critical thinking skills among their students.


Sponsored by Training and Education Command, and in its second year of running, this effort emerged out of the success of CPG’s previous Small Unit Decision Making (SUDM) and Master Instructor Development (MInD) projects.


In its first year, the participants included instructors, curriculum developers, and academic staff from across the Marine Corps. As a result, workshop participants walked away with the ability to develop decision games, case studies, and classes intended to facilitate higher-order learning. More importantly, participants reported developing a more comprehensive perspective of their role and that of the student in the learning process.

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