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Decision Training

Main Project Capabilities & Focus Areas


In recent counterinsurgency operations, Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) have been responsible for more casualties than another other threat. Small unit warfighters require not only equipment and technologies, but also improved mental agility to combat the intelligent insurgent networks who attack with IEDs. The Marine Corps and Army need training products that will enhance the cognitive skills of small ground units, in both today’s and tomorrow’s mission environment.


CPG designed and developed a suite of easy-to-use, decision-centered C-IED training tools that can be flexibly applied by Warfighters. The suite exists of three software products:


This effort was sponsored by the Joint IED Defeat Oranization(JIDDO).


We built an innovative and effective Decision Training Toolkit (DTT) consisting of three mutually supporting products to train and assess C-IED skills. Each is grounded in science, and they integrate seamlessly into existing Warfighter training practices.

The DTT transforms how we think about and train small unit C-IED operations. It supports the development of Warfighter cognitive skills associated with observing complex environments, collecting and reporting key information about insurgent networks, recognizing threats, and responding to emplaced IEDs.

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