TGIF! Study Shows the Importance of Recovery During Weekends

Recovery during the weekend and fluctuations in weekly job performance: A week-level study examining intra-individual relationships

Binnewies, Sonnentag, and Mojza (2010)

Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 83(2), 419-441.

Have you ever come back to work on Monday feeling even more drained than you did walking out the doors on Friday? Why is that? What did you do over the last two days that could account for such a low, unproductive energy level? A better question might be, what did you not do?

The authors in this article examine factors that contribute to an individual’s recovery during the weekend, and further investigate if being “highly recovered” results in differing dimensions of job performance during the week.

“Hierarchical linear modelling showed that psychological detachment, relaxation, and mastery experiences during the weekend predicted the state of being recovered at the beginning of the   working week. The state of being recovered in turn predicted fluctuations in weekly task               performance, personal initiative, organizational citizenship behavior, and low perceived effort.”

The results of this study stress the importance of adequate recovery during the weekend, benefiting both the individual’s and organization’s well being, and productivity.

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