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Virtual environments are an integral part of the USMC’s ability to train force readiness and skills.

During the month of September, CPG partnered with NAWCTSD, the USMC, and others to exercise a proof of concept for a USMC distributed training scenario. This capability – demonstrated at the Lockheed Martin Innovation Demonstration Center in Orlando – allowed for one scenario to be completed by Marines and Soldiers across different MOSs and different training systems.

Usually virtual training is completed independently within MOS groups. Imagine a scenario where the ground troops call for air support and a pilot connected to their own native system could interact in the virtual scenario. This capability would not only improve the training realism among both the infantry units and the supporting elements, but hypothetically also increase cohesion. This training integrated the PTA, CCS, and VBS3 in a combat scenario.

Feedback from those involved in the initial exercise indicated that realism in communication practice was enormously favorable to alternative “role-player” communication they have received in the past. We suggest that the training is also likely to be taken more seriously if there are other virtual units involved rather than only the adjacent stations next to a trainee. This suggestion is based on the reality of the counterpart’s training being partly reliant on the sincerity of the training audience.

We will keep you updated and informed of this exciting new capability and CPG’s future involvement in distributed virtual systems in the USMC environment.




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