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We have done a few posts in the past about online tools for self-improvement in different areas. We looked at tools from vocabulary enhancement for a cause to games for improving thinking skills. Today, we would like to add a few more online tools for self-improvement.

We discussed gamification in a post last year, and it certainly applies in both of the tools discussed here. These are tools that have taken a game-based learning/development strategy.


Duolingo is an online language learning tool. According to research out of 2012 study, exhausting the resources on Duolingo is worth the equivalent of four semester of language class. That is a lot of learning for free. Several key reasons Duolingo is such a useful tool for learning are as follows:

  • Game atmosphere – Acquire streaks and earn points to ‘buy’ special modules in your language of choice, like Idioms or Flirting.
  • Social aspect – Friends or followers can comment and view your activity to keep you accountable in your learning.
  • Reminders – The app will remind you to complete your daily learning, this minimizes forgetfulness as a barrier to learning.
  • Learn by doing – Learn grammatical rules and vocabulary gradually. There are not long drawn out explanations but repetition. If you require more explanation, their team of experts are more than happy to answer questions.
  • Free – It is FREE.


As you can see from our recent post on productivity strategies,  many of us here at CPG are focused on our health and fitness.  Your health is of utmost importance and is a huge area for self-improvement for most of us. Fitocracy can help us achieve our goals by employing some of the same learning strategies we know and love.

  • Game atmosphere – Acts as a personal trainer to get you focused on your goal, keep your streaks and hit goals.
  • Social aspect – Friends can encourage you and keep you accountable in your fitness and health.
  • Reminders – The app will remind you to complete your daily workout goals
  • Prizes! – Compete in challenges and be entered into pools to win big prizes, or set challenges among your own groups.

Turning Fitness or Language learning into games are not new strategies – Thanks Mary Poppins! – but certain applications do have a certain something about them that makes us really want to use them. What apps do you use to help you achieve your goals?



Header Image from duolingo.com



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