Napping… at Work?

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Late last month the University of Michigan published a study about naps. Now, lets face it. We have all been in a position where we have wondered, “Wouldn’t be nice if we had naps again like in pre-school”? Or, alternatively, “The Spanish have it right, I want a siesta”!

There is a whole slew information about how as a population, people who are bombarded with bright screen are getting less or worse sleep than others. With this in mind, Jared Wadley from Michigan News writes about recent U-M research into naps and adult emotional control.

“Those who napped spent more time trying to solve a task than the non-nappers who were less willing to endure frustration in order to complete it. In addition, nappers reported feeling less impulsive.”

Americans already have fewer mandatory vacation days than just about every other developed country in the world. On top of that, we are at our lowest vacation usage in the last 4 decades. If naps could rejuvenate our workforce for frustrating tasks, maybe it is time to invest in a standing desk that also turns into a cot.

How do you feel about taking a nap at work? Do you think it would make you more or less productive? Look out for our next post with tips and strategies from our team about keeping up productivity.

To read the entire article by Wadley click here. The full study appears in the current online issue of Personality and Individual Differences. 


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