3 Tools with Tips on Document and Writing Management.

Document production and research tools can be a tricky maze to navigate. Not only is it possible to be sometimes burdened with a vast resource list, but finding resources can be extremely difficult. A few tools exist today that have lessened the load for document production and management.

1) Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a fairly recent addition to our researcher’s toolbox. In the last few years it has grown substantially and proven itself to be a valuable tool for search documents, saving libraries, and accessing full texts. Google Scholar allows the user to cut through sites designed for clickbait, or loosely citing a study. It allows the researcher to easily find where they can find the full text, the abstract, and other related work that have cited the paper in question.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 9.58.29 AM

2) Endnote

Endnote is a fully functioning research filing system, citation library, and reference management. There are two major parts to this software. Endnote acts as a stand-alone resource manager, allowing the user to search databases of existing citations or enter new citations and save them in a library. The second major part of Endnote is the integration with MS Word and Apple iWork Pages softwares. By simply building the reference library and choosing a style, Endnote will build a reference section with correct citation styles dependent on user input. While there is some front-end time sink, the end result is spectacularly simple to use and slashes the stress of managing a reference section.

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Endnote has a free 30-day trial you can download here. 

3) Evernote

If you’ve ever sent yourself an email or a text to hang onto information you know you will use later – Evernote is for you. With both a mobile application and a desktop version. Evernote is a fantastic tool for keeping all your notes, thoughts, and lists synced across multiple platforms. No longer will working on that document or creating content require having to take the entire laptop bag on that trip. Instead, sync all notes and ideas on the go and pick it up later at a more convenient time. Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.42.52 AM


These tools, individually or combined, make the document production and document workflow process so much less hassle than previous tools. We hope these have been useful in helping you be more productive and efficient!


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