Project Updates: Master Instructor Development

Cognitive Performance Group continues to support the efforts of the USMC Training and Education Command (TECOM) instructor development process through research sponsored by the Office of Naval Research. The Master Instructor Development (MInD) effort recognizes the direct relationship between instructor mastery and student readiness.
By raising the bar on instructor performance the cognitive readiness across the force will be enhanced. The goal of this research is to provide a developmental roadmap to instructor mastery that will be used to support the training and assessment of instructor performance, especially at facilitating the learning of higher-order cognitive skills.

This effort is guided by the literature on cognitive skill acquisition, expertise, and instructor competencies and incorporates input from over 100 Marine and other Service subject-matter experts. The end result of this task will be a tailor-made framework for the life cycle of a Marine instructor. The Instructor Mastery Model will describe the Key Performance Areas that are essential to an instructor’s performance and the behavioral indicators of an individual’s level of proficiency from a novice to master instructor.

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In 2013, CPG’s work under TECOM’s Instructor Professional Development Data Collection effort identified nine emerging Key Performance Areas. Additional research will contribute and influence the development and revision of this framework. Data collection began last summer at Camp Pendleton and additional data will be collected through the end of 2014 with participation from Formal Learning Centers at Quantico and Camp Lejeune. Further insights on military instructor performance that may not be mentioned in the USMC sample will be captured from the US Coast Guard and Navy. The CPG research team began this summer’s data collection with a trip to Quantico to interview instructors at The Basic School. The data collected during this trip is in the primary stages of analysis; however the team is excited for emerging trends and findings.

Stay tuned for further insights on the Master Instructor Development effort!


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