5 Innovative Military Technologies

At the Cognitive Performance Group, we take our research and turn it into training programs, workshops, and simulations.  Simulation-based learning environments – whether physical, virtual, or mixed – are continually growing in popularity both for their educational value and cost-effectiveness.

In addition to training simulations, the Military provides to its Warfighters a variety of technological advancements and gadgets.  Let’s take a look at some various recent technological innovations:

1. U.S. Army’s New Smart Cameras

An article in Defense News talks about the U.S. Army’s plan to deploy better cameras by 2017.  This new generation of cameras will replace previous models as old as 30 years.  New cameras will be more reliable, remotely operated, easier to set up and calibrate, contain a variety of optical tracking systems, and be fully digital.

2. Virtual Counter-IED Training

One of CPG’s own instructional simulations is the Virtual Battlespace 2 module Insurgent Methods Training – Network Enhanced Training, or IMT-NET.  Part of the Decision Training Toolkit, IMT-NET consists of tutorials, scenarios, and free-play missions used to help Warfighters improve their ability to recognize and disrupt insurgent activities.

3.  Wearable Technology for Warfighters

One project that has been on hold since 2008 is the Land Warrior Project.  As the Military Times reports, the wearable system includes a helmet-mounted display for viewing digital maps or reading text messages, a GPS navigation system, video cameras, and multi-function laser equipment.


4. World’s Most Sophisticated Flight Simulator

A computer simulation used by Warfighters, professional pilots, and civilian alike is the X-Plane Flight Simulator.  Known as the world’s most sophisticated flight simulator, X-Plane 10 allows user to experience realistic flight in over two thousand different aircraft models.

5.  Tough Shoes for a Tough Environment

Like flight simulators, military inventions find their way into our everyday lives.  For example, SKYDEX has developed a special athletic shoe fit for boot camp.  As reviewed by BusinessWire.com, these sneakers are designed to withstand military-style workouts and extreme conditions, while reducing back pain and increasing shock-absorption.

Military technology often finds products for use in our civilian lives.  Military technology is a diverse field, from wearable innovations to computer simulations.  Especially simulation- and computer-based instruction will continue to evolve both in the Military and civilian realms.

What is a military innovation that you use in your everyday life? 


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