Interview with Military Analyst Brandon Woodhouse

Two weeks ago we introduced you to one of CPG’s newest members, Military Analyst Brandon Woodhouse.  Today we’re sitting down with Brandon to hear his thoughts on working with CPG, being a former Marine, and moving from California all the way to Florida.

Thanks, Brandon, for taking the time to answer our questions.  What are some things that drew you to wanting to work with CPG?

The people. I have worked with CPG on various projects for a few years now as a customer, and have always been highly impressed with the staff. Each time I came to a meeting, I walked away thinking, “now that is a company I feel I could work for.” Everyone is talented, dedicated, and passionate in the work they are performing.

How are you hoping to make CPG a more dynamic company?

I hope to bring a whole new set of skills to the company with a major focus on technology development and simulation-based training. My plan is to take the science and research that is already being done at an extremely high level and coupling that with new, emerging technologies that break the mold of how learning applications and research tools are built. Using the cognitive science and research as the basis of technology innovation, I feel we can become a powerful asset to our customer with a product that was designed and developed with a holistic perspective from the very beginning.

How do your experiences as a former Marine tie into CPG’s work?

Being a former Marine brings a unique blend of advantages to the work at CPG. First, I am able to relate to many of our customers on a different level, since my departure from direct work supporting the Marine Corps is fairly recent. Second, as a combat veteran, I can look at the research from a different perspective, helping the scientists draw insight as to what the individual is truly feeling, thinking, or why they would place emphasis on certain stimuli. Lastly, my time as a Marine creates a passion for the work CPG performs, as I can see how the projects we take on can have dramatic effects on the individuals in the field.

Do these experiences play a role in your everyday life?

Sure. Once a Marine, always a Marine! There is not a day that goes by that I do not self-reflect and see how my experience as a Marine has shaped and changed my reaction to the world around me.

You just moved your family across the country from California to Florida. What’s the biggest difference you’ve noticed so far?

Florida is flat – very flat!

What are you looking forward to most here in Florida?

I really look forward to expanding CPG’s pre-defined boundaries by bringing in a different set of experience and expertise. I’m excited to see what my contributions can help CPG accomplish in the coming years.

Thanks for sitting with us and welcome to CPG!


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