Assessment Toolkit for Leader Adaptability Skills (ATLAS)

This effort is sponsored by the Office of Naval Research.



Marine small unit leaders operate in complex environments under continuously changing conditions. To be effective, they must recognize and rapidly adapt to new circumstances. Despite decades of research on adaptability, neither a common operational definition nor sustainable measurement capability exists. The Office of Naval Research and Marine Corps require an affordable means of assessing small unit leader adaptability and a diagnostic tool to identify the components of the adaptability process to target with training.



CPG, partnered with Charles River Analytics, is defining the steps in the cognitive process of adaptability for Marine small unit leaders, and developing a tactical, simulation-based adaptability assessment tool.   



ATLAS is a Unity-based tool in which Marines execute missions while being assessed for four specific components of the hypothesized cognitive process of adaptability: (1) perceiving a change or anomaly, (2) recognizing its impact on the mission, (3) updating the situational assessment, and (4) making an adaptation decision. Measurement occurs using time and quality measures that do not require a human rater. At the end of the assessment, the Marine and his commander receive an outcome report detailing performance in each of the cognitive processes of adaptability and recommending training to address the gaps in performance.

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