CPG offers interactive workshops to help organizations develop actionable strategy, individual contributors, and high-performing teams.

We provide the following workshops:

Facilitator Development/Train-the-Trainer

Learner-centric, interactive instructional methods to motivate, engage, and facilitate learning.

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Leadership Development

Strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, influencing skills, coaching competencies, and critical thinking.

Decision-Making and Creative Problem-Solving

Decision forcing cases, decision games, wargames, and other simulations to improve intuitive decision making, critical thinking, and team development.

We are certified in Lego®Serious Play®, a methodology used for challenging and processing tasks and opportunities in real-time. This science-based method can be utilized to facilitate workshops on: strategy development, conflict management, organizational change, program management or development, team building, and other custom applications.

Also, ask about how we can customize a workshop to your needs in these areas:

Strategy Development and Strategic Thinking

Critical Thinking

Emotional Intelligence

Influencing skills


Conflict management

Team Building

Organizational Change

Program Planning or Development

Contact Dr. Shawn McCann at or (407) 282-4433 for further information, pricing, and scheduling.