Our success is based on employing a talented staff of professionals who provide unsurpassed customer service. Teamwork and collaboration are central to our corporate culture. We entrust our employees with the responsibility to apply these work ethics and build trusting relationships with each customer. We believe in providing our employees with the technical support and learning resources that they need to succeed.


CPG strives to create an enriching environment where one can pursue his/her career objectives productively and enjoyably. At CPG, we are all stakeholders in our performance. We invest in each individual because every job is important and everyone plays a key role in the continued growth of our company. We recruit and employ highly-educated, self-directed, experienced professional staff.



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CPG is a small business with a solid track record.  Through our many projects, we have made significant improvements in human performance for a full range of military operations. As a professional services company, CPG strives to provide the best technical support and workable solutions that respond to the urgent requirement for decision-centered solutions to organizational and systems problems.

We have expanded our capabilities in response to rising domestic demand for our services. The staff is made up of credential individuals representing Cognitive Sciences, Industrial Organizational Psychology, Military Training and Operations, as well as Business and Project Management. We specialize in using proven qualitative and quantitative methods to research, recognize, and resolve envisioned world decision challenges facing both the private and public sectors. Our methods enable our clients to solve problems involving decision making, problem-solving, assessment, and cognitive process improvements where there is a bottleneck that must be resolved.  Our products prepare our clients and their organizations to succeed in complex, adaptive, time pressured decision contexts by improving cognitive readiness and resilience.

CPG is noted for its accomplishments in several areas that include:

  • Framing the problem and finding solutions in complex, adaptive settings
  • Building cognitively authentic training cases and context-based learning environments
  • Operationalizing solutions involving cross-cultural competency
  • Applying research designs and methods that appropriate to the problem and conditions
  • Modeling cognitive competencies and development, and domain-specific expertise
  • Developing theoretically and empirically-based assessment instruments
  • Engineering decision-centered solutions
  • Working as part of interdisciplinary teams

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