Squad Overmatch June 2016

For the last 3 months CPG has been hard at work on a number of exciting projects. However, Squad Overmatch 2016 took a number of us to Ft. Benning to participate in the rewarding training experiment that is part of the Army’s Human Dimension program.

With the Ranger preventable casualty numbers being so much fewer than the conventional forces, this project is part of an ongoing effort to bridge that gap. As such, we all felt personally invested and a part of something very important during our time at the site.

The Project Lead, Rob Wolf, summed up the project for the Army times in Late June. Wolf said “With respect to human dimension, all of this is about developing judgment, decision making, leadership in the teams, good communication skills, the mental models that they need to draw from in these stressful tactical situations,” said Wolf. “That’s the entire collective environment that we are trying to do. And you do that through immersive training.”

“So we give them the classroom to give them the foundation skills. We let them practice it, so we develop the cognitive, and put it in the live environment,” he added. “And the whole time it is graduated stress exposure, and it is repetitive learning of the same material in more complex environments so that you can adapt to it.” – Excerpt from army.mil

CPG’s contribution included administration of data collection measures, significant portions of the classroom instruction, and overall facilitation of the virtual and live environments.

You can read more about our previous Squad Overmatch efforts in the Army times. 




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