New Research in Suicide Risk Assessment- SABCS

Some of the most rewarding work we have been a part of at CPG was in helping build assessments and course evaluation for Army Suicide prevention. These didn’t only apply to those at risk, but also those around them. Soldiers are taught what to look for in friends, family members, and other Soldiers.

This July, new research emerged in the field of suicide risk assessment. Researchers agree that current assessments evaluate the potential for current risk and the potential for future behaviors. The research itself was aimed at offering additional improvements to the field by developing a self-report measure with empirically validated items.

The authors identified three main components of risk evaluation: emotion, behavior, and cognition. In development and testing the measure, the scale proved to present incremental improvement over existing measures of suicide risk assessment. The new measure is called the Suicidal Affect-Behavior-Cognition Scale (SABCS).

“The SABCS is… appropriate for public screening, research, and clinical purposes, including the assessment of clinically meaningful changes in suicidality.“ The scale ) is a 6-item measure on a 6-point Likert scale.

As more effective assessment tools like the SABCS are constructed, our knowledge inches closer to helping identify those in need, and this is reward in and of itself. Do you have a story about helping an at-risk friend or a personal account? Please share your story with us and help encourage those around you to share the same.



Harris KM, Syu J-J, Lello OD, Chew YLE, Willcox CH, Ho RHM (2015) The ABC’s of Suicide Risk Assessment: Applying a Tripartite Approach to Individual Evaluations. PLoS ONE 10(6): e0127442. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0127442


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