NTSA 2014 Team Training Award (First Oak Leaf Cluster)

Annually, the National Training and Simulation Association (NTSA) recognizes outstanding achievements in the application of modeling and simulations as part of the Interservice-Industry Training, Simulation and Education Conference.   For the second time in four years, Cognitive Performance Group is a co-recipient of the Team Training Award for its contributions to the 2014 Squad Overmatch Demonstration.   In collaboration with PEO-STRI; ARL HRED STTC; and the MITRE Corporation, CPG earned the award for demonstrating and assessing stress exposure training solutions.  Virtual-gaming and immersive training environments were used to simulate progressively complex problems.   Squad Overmatch demonstrated an approach for preparing high performing teams for stressful combat situations and shows promise in how to build and sustain resilience within squads using current training technologies.
Photo SquadOvermatch Study Team  AWARD

       The Squad Overmatch research team employed virtual and immersive training technologies to simulate cognitively authentic battlefield situations where resilience matters most to mission accomplishment.   Two types of stressor effects were embedded into each scenario: 1) operational factors that create friction, increase uncertainty or elevate risks in tactical thinking models, and 2) emotional factors that disrupt critical cognitive functions associated with problem solving strategies on the battlefield.    CPG researchers developed and implemented four experiential learning cases in an Eastern European scenario, so dismounted Infantry squads could receive guided-practice for self-regulation skills, warrior leader tasks, pattern recognition, and predictive analysis skills.   CPG complemented these learning cases with a set of data collection instruments for determining the impacts of the training experiences on individual mental models.Squad-Overmatch logo

Squad Overmatch provides another successful illustration of how Cognitive Task Analysis methods explain the nature of expertise and how our insights contribute to effective experiential learning and feedback solutions.   The results of the 2014 Squad Overmatch Study provide a foundation for shifting the focus of training to the human dimension, where barriers to effective problem solving posed by stress must be overcome.  CPG is privileged to have participated in Squad Overmatch and contributed to the Team’s success!

Thank you for celebrating CPG’s success with us and we wish all of you Happy Holidays!


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