Reflections of an Old “War Horse”

Thanksgiving is over; it must be time for I/ITSEC. While preparing for this year’s I/ITSEC, I practiced some reflective thinking about my overall experience and the value-added for participants, which I thought I should share. 

Since 1989, when I first participated in I/ITSEC, I have circled the dates on my calendar.   Back then, the conference was simply I/ITSC, a fledgling organization looking for an audience and voice. Thinking back, getting my first paper accepted was a  nightmare of passive voice revisions, time pressure and intricate formalities and wickets. I do not remember my “bird dog”, but I know he put my first technical paper through a rigorous process to meet the the committee’s exacting writing and presentation standards. I am grateful that the process for selecting papers has maintained its high standards.

I/ITSEC is a crossroads for collaboration among a diverse, highly talented population of innovators, researchers and developers. I/ITSEC provides a catalyst for strengthening the bonds within our community through exciting research, opportunities to collaborate and, of course, celebrating achievements and breakthroughs.

As I maneuver through the maze of displays this year, I perceive a refreshing blend of Future Leaders alongside the old “war horses”, who appear every year. The two groups are actively socializing their technologies and concepts, exchanging marketing information, and shedding light on problems of all types. This recurring pattern of interactions reflects the environment and values that I/ITSEC promotes – open dialogue, collegial, professional, and enterprising.

So, the annual gathering of Training and Education community of practice is well worth the investment of our time and talent. It affords each participant with the opportunity to actively participate in the movement, instead of just attending; to contribute to our shared knowledge, instead of just borrowing from it; and, to reflect on advancements and growth, instead of resting on one’s laurels. See you on the floor. I will congregate with the old war horses once again this year.

– CPG CEO Bill Ross

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Cognitive Performance Group, LLC is a woman-owned small business with offices in Orlando, Florida, and Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded by Dr. Karol G. Ross, Jennifer K. Phillips, and William A. Ross. The three CPG Principals developed the concept for a company to support cognitive performance improvement in industry and government. (more...)

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