Interview with Elizabeth May: Director of Marketing and Business Development.

Elizabeth May is our newest CPG team member and Director of Marketing and Business Development. Today we sit down with her to talk about her background and role at CPG.

Welcome to CPG! You have only been here for a short time but it is obvious you are already very busy. Could you tell us a little about your role and projects at CPG? 

I’d like to start by saying that I am honored to serve as the first Director of Marketing and Business Development for CPG.  I am so impressed with CPG’s success since forming 7 years ago.

My role is to springboard off the solid foundation of proven performance and move CPG into a growth trajectory.  As Director of Marketing and Business Development I am responsible for branding and promoting CPG products, services, and capabilities to include Performance and Competency Modeling, Learning Solutions, and Cognitive Assessment.

My specific tasks include developing business networks, planning business development activities (both near-term and strategic), collecting market and business intelligence, forecasting opportunities, creating customer relations management databases and supporting proposal development and business operations.

I know you know the DOD like the back of your hand; do you have a military background? 

T-38 Solo

I do!  I am honored to say I come from a military background with family and friends having served in every branch.  My family has collectively served 150+ years in the United States Air Force (USAF).  I have also had the pleasure of doing business with every branch of the military while serving in active duty and as a marketing and business development professional in the defense industry for the last 6 years.  I spent most of my USAF career supporting fighter aircraft operations, disaster preparedness, and training and education.  I retired out of the Pentagon in 2011 (just before 9/11) and relocated to Florida where I taught Aerospace Science and worked as a Geospatial Analysis program manager before transitioning into Business Development.

Tell me about your hobbies and what you like to do outside of work.

I have enjoyed a great deal of travel in my lifetime thanks to my military career and an adventurous spirit.   I lived in Japan for 2 years during which I traveled to Korea and the Philippines.  I have also enjoyed traveling through Singapore, Thailand, United Kingdom, Scotland, Germany, Brussels, Italy, and Spain.  While all the above was fantastic there is no place like home. I consider myself a true Floridian after growing up here when my father served at the old McCoy Air Force Base which is now the Navy Annex.

For fun and relaxation I enjoy gardening, volunteering with Wounded Warriors and I have been known to dance up a storm anywhere there is a good rock-and-roll band!  I also enjoy spending time with my skydiving buddies who have been with me on the ground and in the air as we set state and world records.  My all time favorite activity is spending time with my daughter, Ashley May.  She is my pride and joy.  She recently earned her Political Science degree from UCF and is also engaged to marry a wonderful young man who is also a UCF grad, works IT for the Orlando Magic, and speaks fluent Russian!  I also enjoy the companionship of my British husband, Barry, and two step-sons, Brad and Danny, who live in the United Kingdom.

Between my fantastic job with CPG and my family – LIFE IS GOOD!

I would like to take the opportunity to wish you a Happy Early Birthday (June 3)! You are so bubbly and we can’t wait to continue working with you and we look forward to what you have planned for CPG in the future. 


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