CPG Basics: Important Psychology Books You Should be Reading

Need to brush up on some of your psychology processes? Want to broaden your expertise for a new project? Having a few go-to texts in your researcher’s toolkit for quick references will reduce the amount of time, money, and stress you may have studying up on psychology practices.
The following texts have been recommended and used by experts in the Industrial/Organizational Psychology and Cognitive Psychology fields. We highly recommend you add these to your reference guide toolkit.

statsA Step by Step Introduction to Stats for Business by Richard Landers

This textbook goes beyond the traditional statistics textbook by explaining formulas and statistics strategies in easier to understand terms within the context of business. The book includes helpful organizational case studies with downloadable data used to guide the lessons in each chapter.



eeoLAWEEO Law and Personnel Practices (3rd Edition) by Arthur Gutman, Laura Koppes, and Stephen Vodanovich

EEO Law and Personnel Practices take a deeper look at all employment case law with in-depth debates and case studies to help dissect the legal issues. Some topics covered in this book include Title VII, protected class issues, and workplace compliance, which make this book a useful reference for any employment law questions or concerns. This text is a great reference to quickly find thorough details on EEO laws and regulations.



Forget a Mentor: Find a Sponsor by Sylvia Ann Hewlett

In this book Hewlett demonstrates the importance of establishing a professional relationship with a strong role model early in your career. Through the mix of hard data and real-life case studies she provides strong evidence of how a sponsorship relationship will create more opportunities for the future. This thought-provoking read is recommended for early career professionals to better understand how to build your career by demonstrating your value.



Training in Organizations by Irwin Goldstein and J. Kevin Ford

Goldstein and Ford provide a comprehensive view of the Industrial/Organizational Psychology approaches to training development, administration, and evaluation. Many aspects that make up the critical foundations of the training environment and how to approach new strategies in a changing workplace are described in depth in this text.



Working Minds: A Practitioner’s Guide to Cognitive Task Analysis by Beth Crandall, Gary Klein, and Robert Hoffman

Working Minds demonstrates the complexities of cognitive psychology, specifically the process of Cognitive Task Analysis, and how this unique strategy can find deeper trends and patterns within human performance compared to other data collection strategies alone. Referring to this text will give you a deeper insight on how to collect data, analyze, and communicate the findings to an audience.


Do you have any book recommendations for practitioners in the psychology domain? If so, please put them in the comments below!



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