Psychology Degrees of the Future

Psychology is an area that offers its students a variety of specializations, programs of study, and job opportunities. This is true now more than ever, as the field continues to diversify and integrate with other areas such as technology and culture. Here are four innovative psychology programs that are shaping the future of our discipline:

One psychology program blurring the distinction between present and future is the Eindhoven University of Technology’s Psychology & Technology bachelor’s degree. Located in the Netherlands, students explore the relationship of people and technology through a variety of projects. Past examples include robots that assist in the household and modern lighting that makes you healthier and smarter.

Local psychology students don’t have to leave the University of Central Florida to apply their knowledge in a variety of fields. The Institute of Modeling and Simulation offers interdisciplinary programs in computer visualization, interactive simulation, intelligent systems, and simulation management. On the entertainment side of the spectrum, psychology degree-holders can continue their education at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, which is ranked second in the nation for video game development.

In our globalizing world, psychologist will surely play a role in how we all get along. Some schools, like Brunel University London, offer master’s degrees in Cross-Cultural Psychology. Students learn about behaviors, emotions, leadership patterns, and cultural adaptation in their own and international societies.

Psychologists are already studying in areas that were science fiction only a decade ago. In the coming years, these fields will continue to expand. What else are students studying that was unthinkable just a generation ago?



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