CPG Basics: Best Strategies for Data Management within a Team

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Once you have collected the data, now what? The team will begin to extract, revise, and compile information to prepare for data analysis (see CPG Basics: Important Steps to Take Before you Analyze Data). All of this preparation will lead to many versions of one document, new documents being created, and revisions to current documents. However, not properly documenting these changes will lead to team confusion and increasing communication gaps. This installment of CPG Basics will provide some tips for managing data.

Project Log

It is important to track the evolution of each document during the length of the project. Creating and maintaining a project log is a great way to record all the changes to documents to keep team members in the loop. Google Docs is a user-friendly application all team members can update and view activity. In this document each team member should note the date of revision, the original document name, changes to the document, the new document name, and initials of the analyst. This log will be beneficial for the audit trail to report the data management process.

Working together

Document Versions and Formats

All documents should be saved with an updated document name in order to stay consistent with the Project Log and to keep all team members on the same page. A document name should have the project name, the main document title, the date of revision, and initials of the analyst. A majority of data analysis will be presented in SPSS or similar statistical package, however it is possible that not all team members have access to these programs. Therefore, presenting data in both SPSS and Microsoft Excel would be beneficial for all members to access all information.

Document Database

Projects will have hundreds of documents, references, and deliverables; therefore a knowledge database or an information hub would be beneficial for document sharing throughout a team. In these knowledge databases all documents can be uploaded and downloaded by all team members with allowed access. Sharefile and Google Sites are easy to use knowledge databases.


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