Top Reasons to Work in Military Psychology Research

Are you interested in military psychology? Have you ever wondered what our CPG cognitive psychologists do and why they are in this field? To answer these questions, we asked some of our colleagues about their top reasons for working in military cognitive psychology:

#1 It is rewarding.

– Working with military organizations is rewarding. We are helping people become better at what they do. 

#2 We maintain our domain expertise.

– Continuous learning is required in the areas of psychology, learning, and military culture. Additionally, we learn about a variety of work domains and about challenges people face.

– It is fascinating to learn about the roles of our military personnel. We are able to learn in detail how they accomplish their roles through the interviews we conduct.

#3 It gives us a better understanding of the Warfighter.

– We better understand Warfighters by learning the thought processes of people who are skilled at tactical thinking and working in complex environments. It also helps us understand how different military elements fit together to get missions accomplished.

#4 Solving real problems.

– Our work often affects the day to day workings of the warfighter. For example, our IED detection training helps Warfighters become more aware of their surroundings in high-risk environments. It doesn’t stop there, the tasks are always new, interesting, and keep us on the edge of scientific inquiry.

#5 The people.

– We have the ability to work with intelligent and creative people. Whether it is the people we are learning about or our colleagues, the abilities and diversity of the people we work with on a day to day basis make this industry a rewarding place to contribute to.


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