Interview with CPG’s Instructional Designer: Naomi Malone

Katie Smith sits down with CPG’s new Instructional Designer, Naomi Malone. They discuss Naomi’s background before starting at CPG and about her educational interests. We introduced Naomi here. Now join us as we learn more about her.

Katie: Naomi, it’s great to have you on board! Can you tell our readers about your background and interests?

Naomi: I’m originally from South Korea. My father was from New Zealand and my mother was Korean and I went to High School in South Korea. It was an American International School and the kids there were mostly from western countries. The diversity at my school was a catalyst for my interest in International Relations. The entire time I was growing up the country was under a military dictatorship. There was a midnight curfew for the whole country. You couldn’t even read a TIME magazine without half of the content being blacked out. That got me interested in politics in general.

I decided to come to the US rather than move to New Zealand because the school I attended used an American system instead of the British one. So when I was accepted to the University of Wisconsin I really felt like I was coming home. I think it was because most of the Americans I went to high school with were Midwestern. After completing my degree I moved to Florida.

K: Now you work in the field of instructional design, what sparked your interest there?

N: After I got my Library Science degree I was a librarian for a while. I worked in computer services and computer instruction. I was helping senior citizens learn how to use the computer. That got me interested in online instruction, creating material, building websites, and learning how to work with content management systems. I was always really interested in types of online-instructions, rather than face-to-face, and that is what instructional design is all about.

K: I know that you are completing your doctoral dissertation now. Can you tell us about that experience?

N: I’m really interested in online learning environments. The literature has indicated that people who take online courses need more self-regulation because of the lack of face-to-face instructor interaction. My dissertation is about finding out how to help people self-regulate. There is a huge divide in the United States for kids going from a sheltered high school experience to the more liberal college one. They don’t have many rules and regulations and haven’t learned to deal with that environment yet.

The goal of the dissertation is to figure out how well students learn with different types of scaffolding (helpful learning resources), within groups of low and high self-regulating students.

K: That sounds really in depth. Good Luck! What would you say are your favorite things about working at CPG?

N: Well I love the people! I love how flexible everyone is and I like that it is more project-based and a problem solving environment.

K: Thanks for sitting down with us Naomi!

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