Looking Back and Looking Ahead: A Message from the CEO

As the Cognitive Performance Group begins 2013, we reflect on major accomplishments and set our sights on the year ahead. We take great pride in being a forward looking, agile, high performing, multi-disciplinary team

First, let’s take stock of the year we just completed where our major accomplishments involved applied research for small unit leaders. Our 2012 has been a whirlwind of activity that included continuing programs for customers such as the Office of Secretary of Defense, the USMC Training and Education Command, the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and the US Army Research Institute.

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In addition to completing the Joint Decision Training Toolkit (DTT) and delivering it to the Army and Marine Corps, we established two new capabilities that support the growing demand for our expertise in adult learning and training solution development. These additional capabilities enabled CPG to broaden its impact on small unit decision making as well as instructor development training. Our DTT product included a Network-enabled version of the Insurgent Methods Trainer, which benefited from significant contributions by several members of our staff. Led by Jennifer Phillips, the DTT program consistently exceeded customer expectations for relevance, suitability and usability. Our research and development of cognitive battery for small unit decision makers is a major start-up, which will provide a first of its kind tool for gauging how leaders think and solve problems in complex, adaptive operating environments.

CPG office gets a new sign.Looking ahead to 2013, we believe the outlook for CPG is even more promising. Our goal is to successfully apply the breadth of experience with the range of military operations along with our decision making expertise to improve cognitive training and assessment tools. We see solutions that must be adaptable to a range of training platforms and operational conditions.In addition to our long-term USMC and ONR research programs for small unit leaders and measuring their cognitive performance, we are organizing around the new adult learning imperatives that are part of the post-Afghan era of warfare.

CPG has positioned itself to lead large teams for transforming military training for the operational challenges of non-linear, network-centric operations against emerging threats. In response to these challenges, CPG will continue to develop organizationally and provide our unique blended approach to decision-centered, experiential learning. We will introduce an Instructional Systems Design (ISD) capability that will allow us to apply the learning science and rapidly generate state-of-art learning solutions for a range of training platforms. Additionally, CPG is increasing its in-house cognitive competency and expert modeling team with another Industrial-Organizational psychologist, who will join our research staff.

CPG is optimistic about its role as a thought leader and high performing small business. We are encouraged by the response to our products and conceptual designs for future training. We look forward to building new business relationships and supporting our current customers throughout 2013.

Happy New Year’s wishes to all!

Bill Ross


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Cognitive Performance Group, LLC is a woman-owned small business with offices in Orlando, Florida, and Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded by Dr. Karol G. Ross, Jennifer K. Phillips, and William A. Ross. The three CPG Principals developed the concept for a company to support cognitive performance improvement in industry and government. (more...)

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