Scenario Design Tool (SDT) Demo!

CPG is excited to announce that our Scenario Design Tool (SDT) is currently undergoing final verification as part of a hands-on user demonstration! Iris Rivera and Greg Lindsey of CPG recently travelled to Camp Lejeune, NC to conduct the demonstration.  Twelve Marines from the 1-9 Infantry received a briefing on the program as well as the opportunity to create their own scenarios using the tool.

The Marines considered SDT an impressive tool which will help streamline and quicken the process for scenario development.  On the 28th of February, Iris Rivera and Greg Lindsey will travel to Fort Benning where the Army will then be given the chance to use and assess the SDT.  Cognitive Performance Group is eager to progressively advance our SDT based upon the feedback received from both the Marine Corps and the Army Warfighters.  To learn more about the Scenario Design Tool and its capabilities, please refer to the following abstract.


The Warfighter Scenario Design Tool (SDT) enables small unit leaders and trainers to create cognitively authentic scenarios that incorporate decision challenges into the training of individual and collective tasks. The SDT produces a series of output reports that direct the development of high-quality scenarios and provide pre- and post-scenario materials, including Operations and Fragmentary Orders, Intelligence Summaries, and After Action Review topics and guidance. Trainers use the output reports to facilitate experiential learning in a variety of learning environments, from virtual to live.

Scenario Design Tool enables a broad audience to produce decision-centered, culturally-correct C-IED training scenarios to address the operational situation in both today’s and tomorrow’s fight.  The initial implementation is tailored to small unit trainers; however, training developers and researchers might also benefit from the use of the SDT in their roles.

The Warfighter SDT is part of a JIEDDO-sponsored C-IED Decision Training Toolkit, a cognitive skills development project.


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