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Throughout the year, CPG has been working extensively on developing a Combat Hunter expert model and a developmental framework to transfer expert skill sets to  virtually any domain- military or non military.  In April , researchers William Ross, Nic Bencaz, and Laura Militello were invited to observe the experts who were delivering a three week “Border Hunter” course at Fort Bliss in El Paso, Texas. Experts provided trainees with knowledge to help identify a potential enemy’s spoor (footprints, human signs, environmental cues, slight ground disturbances), and how to distinguish and interpret indicators that suggest a major event is about to occur. Researchers utilized both qualitative and quantitative methods to assess predictors and descriptors of an expert skill set. Our own CPG researchers found that the instructors’ ability to think creatively think about a situation was a key determinant that distinguished this group from the novices.

William Ross and Nic Bencaz along with colleague Laura Militello, are mentioned in the latest issue of WARFIGHTER: Enhancement Activities for their work on Combat Hunter.  Read about the project and CPG’s involvement starting on page six by clicking the image above.


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Cognitive Performance Group, LLC is a woman-owned small business with offices in Orlando, Florida, and Cleveland, Ohio. It was founded by Dr. Karol G. Ross, Jennifer K. Phillips, and William A. Ross. The three CPG Principals developed the concept for a company to support cognitive performance improvement in industry and government. (more...)

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